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Hi-Tech Orthopadic is CE certified company and manufacture all products of CE Certified quality. The company has emerged among others with a reputation as the premium manufacturer and exporter of orthopaedic external fixators, implants, orthopaedic instruments made to international specifications and standards. Our aim is founded on the principle that manufacturer of the industry providing traumatology products must make and process products of the kind of quality and tolerances indicated by modern surgical directives. Our products have found appreciative acceptance in the field of medical profession, hence recommended widely, and imported by several countries for their quality and cost effectiveness.

At Hi-tech, we offer a range of components that are extensively used in the Illizarov technique for both human and veterinary applications. For more details on our product offering, please go the products page click here.

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Ring FixatorThe circular external skeletal fixators are of great interest to most orthopaedic surgeons.Nearly all Orthopaedic surgeons are acquainted with the Illizarov system of circular external skeletal fixation for correction of angular limb deformities and limb lengthening. This technique has been used worldwide with great success for a wide range of limb disorders such as fresh fractures, disunited and infected fractures with gaps & deformities. It is used to correct both congenital bone deformities and those acquired due to polio, bone infection and accidents.


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